Kitesurfers' haven, trekkers' delight.

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In the northern part of Lake Como, along the eastern shore, you find Calico. It is the most important town in the area. It is set in the Monte Legnone Mountains which roll down to open, sandy beaches. Kite and wind surfers will be happy to know that the Breva wind blows well here. You will find many apartments available to rent to suit all tastes, including those on a family, surfing or hiking holiday.

This area normally has mild weather. The Mediterranean type climate means that both tropical and sub-tropical plants bloom here year round. On average the daily temperatures go from a low of only 13 °C in December. This is due to the lake keeping the temperature higher than usual in the winter months. In July temperatures reach a very pleasant 30 °C with water temperatures averaging about 24 °C. This makes it an ideal location for water sports holidays.

Biking and trekking: Colico is situated in the foothills of Monte Legnone and there are numerous trails available for those who like to bike or trek through the stunning scenery. Guided bike trips are available up Mount Legnoncino, to Fort Montecchi and you can take a combined bike and kayak trip in nature reserve in Piano Di Spagna.
Horse riding: If you fancy viewing the lovely scenery from horseback then the El Picadero centre in Colico offers both lessons and rides.

There are many local sites worth visiting. Among the most important are;
Fort Montecchi – This is the only surviving Italian World War I fort. Built between 1911 and 1914 it features some innovative architectural and technical structures for its time. The principal among these are the four big guns which have 14km range.
The Towers – Dating from the Middle Ages these were defensive structures. Two of these lookout towers are still visible on the northern Montecchio hill and a further one, the Curcio tower, has been converted into a farm house.
The Abbey of Piona – This is one of Lombardy’s most famous Romanesque monuments. It dates from the mid-11th Century and exhibits many works of art including two lion shaped marble holy water fonts close to the entrance and a 16th Century fresco depicting Christ’s appearance to the Virgin Mary. 

As you might imagine both wind and kite surfing is very popular here. The beach is long and open, the water inviting and the Breva gives power to your sails. So are good are the conditions that the Italian stage of the Kitesurf world championships takes place at Colico each year. If you are experienced and don’t want to haul all your gear then you can easily hire what you need locally. For those with a little experience or who want to try it for the first time then classes are on offer from surfing centres. 

If you prefer something somewhat more sedate then you have found a superb location for sailing. As with surfing you can take lessons or hire equipment locally.

As would be expected in Italy, there is excellent food on offer from the local restaurants and trattoria. 
By train: From Milan Central Station take the train for Colico/Sondrio, change at Lecco for the train to Colico.
By Boat: The town can also be reached from Como by motorship services which serve the northern end of the lake. If you would like to get there quicker and don’t mind paying a little more then opt for the Servizi Rapidi. This service stops less often and uses quicker ships so the journey takes about one hour thirty minutes as compared to the three hours the motorship takes. There are also boat connections to Lecco.
When to go: Colico is mainly a summer resort. Due to the mild climate and warm waters of the lake it is an excellent place to bathe and enjoy other water sports. It is best to go between May and July.

Find an apartment in Colico